Wunderkind BVR

For the past couple of months I've been working on a product called Wunderkind BVR.


The BVR stands for branded video recruitment and allows for clients to create campaigns and jobs which applicatants can apply for via customised forms, file uploads and video responses through a customisable branded interface.

Our first client is Malibu and they have just launched their campaign to find a Malibu Brand Ambassador using Wunderkind BVR.


Expect more updates about this product in the coming months. At the moment only the public facing campaign site has been launched, but there is also an admin site where clients can set up their campaigns, and a shortlist site where stakeholders can vote on potential candidates which is being released within the next few weeks. Once this has all come together it will be open for all potential clients via an automatic signup process.

The application framework for the frontend has come together quite nicely. I think it's one of the nicest frameworks I've ever developed in. It's a combination of Parsley, FlexXB, the Cairngorm Navigation Library, and a bunch of custom code. I might write more about that in a future post.