Braavio and Cricket Australia

Work continues on the aforementioned Wunderkind BVR, which in the meantime has been rebranded as Braavio. More information can be found on the new website

Cricket Australia is the next big client to utilise Braavio in their efforts to find new Participation Growth Leaders for the sport. Along with their campaign launch we are rolling out our new Admin site which allows admins to manage submitted applications and get an overview of their campaign. This will be enhanced over the next few months to allow clients to fully set up, customise and manage every part of their campaigns and related roles themselves including: creating interactive forms for applicants to fill out, customise branding with colours and logos, creating video questions, and customising all text content and call to actions.

In the meantime we have also completed the Shortlist site, which is the next stop for favoured applications in the recruitment process after they have been approved in Admin. It allows managers, HR, recruiters and otherwise interested parties to view, vote, comment and otherwise decide on suitable applicants for the required roles.

If you are looking to be Cricket Australia's next Participation Growth Leader head on over to their Braavio powered recruitment campaign at Applications open on the 30th of May.

Those interested in utilising Braavio for their own recruitment needs, please note that we are still in private beta at this time, but please register your interest at